Landed in Ho Chi Minh City


     I landed in Ho Chi Minh City on March 1st, it was hot just like Charleston. I like the fact that it was the 1st because it’s now easy to remember how many days I’ve been here! Thank goodness Steve had arranged for someone to assist me with my tourist visa application, this was a true lifesaver and saved me much anguish and time. After obtaining my visa I proceeded to get my passport officially stamped and start my adventure. My celebration was delayed as there were about 300 people doing the same but I waited patiently knowing that what was to come would be greatest experiences of my life. My favorite number is 15 and I was overjoyed when the officer stamped my passport book on page 15, I’m unsure why he didn’t start at the beginning, but this was a good sign in my head. I knew I needed a cart to help with my luggage as I brought 2 very large suitcases along with 2 other “smaller” bags, I’m not sure but I think Steve may have had a heart attack when he saw all my stuff. I was excited to see his smiling face, again, knowing that great adventure awaits. We hopped in a cab and I was immediately shocked by the amount of motorbike traffic, bikes were weaving in and out amongst the cars in a rush to their various destinations. When we arrived at Steve’s house, Phuong greeted me with a hug, again, I knew all would be okay and I was welcome in their family. We went for a late lunch at a restaurant close by their house, I was worried about what to eat as I have not had any exposure with Vietnamese food and had no idea what to order. At this point, I’m unsure of the name of what I ate but it was delicious and I was grateful to be in Steve and Phuong’s company, very comforting after about 26 hours of travel time.