Making New Friends

I always find common ground with most people and can talk to almost anyone and I have not met many “strangers” in my life, I enjoy a certain level of comfort that comes with being friendly. Besides my friend’s wife KimPhuong, I have found several girls at Vespa Adventures that have adopted me, they share my enthusiasm for life and I’m not sure how I’d get by without their kindness! I also know that girls that drive motorcycles, especially in Saigon, are total badasses!




My desire to make new, fun friends will never go away but how can I make friends with even 20 people when I am struggling to communicate with most of them? Don’t confuse this with caring about what people think of me as a person, I’m old enough to understand that I’m not everyone’s “cup of tea,” I know I’m hard-headed and fiercely independent and this turns some off, especially men. I continue to meet more women that travel alone and I admire their chutzpah, spirit and love of adventure, they, too, are total badasses!

I’m thrilled to be making friend from all over this planet and this is why I love the Vespa Adventure tours so much, it doesn’t matter if you sign up alone because you will always meet other world travelers -what an opportunity to find out about where you will go next and get tips about where to stay and what to do or not do! The Sister Party continues……………


Why So Scared?

I like meeting new people of all colors, shapes and sizes, I’m not against any one group of people or culture but nervous around people different than me, guess I was afraid of non-English speakers. The thought of coming to this part of the world, not to mention quitting a job that I created and loved, leaving my family and friends and moving my entire life, never crossed my mind. How did I ignore this region for as long as I have, the beauty of landscape and people are unmatched by any other place, culture or people I have encountered.





I’m grateful to my friend that invited me to check it out and experience this awesome country, I was lacking the bravery or confidence to do it totally on my own so I’m forever in his debt for prodding me. How will I repay him? With dedicated, hard work and creative business ideas, it is exhilarating to open my eyes, my heart and my soul to all that is new, different and unique-let the Sister Party begin, hope these folks will soon fall in love with this big, southern white girl!