It’s now time to discuss a topic which must be addressed – going to the bathroom, and before you start saying “gross” and “eeeeeeew,” just listen. “Going” is very different in foreign parts of the world, not that I thought everyone had private, above-ground toilets but I do appreciate a little bit of peace and quiet, as well as privacy when I use a powder room, water closet, lavatory, latrine, john or my personal favorite-the loo. Don’t worry if you are staying in a hotel or eating at a restaurant – you will be fine but here are a few things you should know about using a bathroom here: First: what is up with barely any toilet paper and no paper towels in Vietnam, is this part of some wicked tourist initiation?!


Some toilets in rural, outlying areas do not even have a flush handle or button, there is a hose or spigot that goes to a bucket with a scoop or ladle, then you pour a few scoops of water into the bowl to flush, strangely effective depending on whether you went #1 or #2 and if you had any toilet paper. I’ve read many articles about how going “sqatty” style is much better for you physically but again, if all you find are raised sides to stand on and a drain, you better pray your thighs and knees can take it! My biggest suggestion is that you always carry extra tissues and be prepared to dry your hands on more extra tissues or napkins, your pants or wave them around to shake off excess water and air dry. Two words here ladies………Pure and Ell!













The rest areas in rural areas of Vietnam are actually made for resting and eating, not really going to the bathroom. and what is up with Vietnamese men thinking it’s acceptable not to use a restroom at all – I’ve never seen so many guys peeing on the side of the road in my life! You”re welcome for no pictures of that! You have been warned so be prepared and be thankful that most homes, hotels and hostels are available with a safe, private bathroom for a fairly peaceful bathroom experience! I’ve included a picture of my new bathroom with awesome pink tile and a bathtub – I knew this was where I would live the moment I saw it! Let the Sister bubble bath parties begin…………………….!





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