Why So Scared?

I like meeting new people of all colors, shapes and sizes, I’m not against any one group of people or culture but nervous around people different than me, guess I was afraid of non-English speakers. The thought of coming to this part of the world, not to mention quitting a job that I created and loved, leaving my family and friends and moving my entire life, never crossed my mind. How did I ignore this region for as long as I have, the beauty of landscape and people are unmatched by any other place, culture or people I have encountered.





I’m grateful to my friend that invited me to check it out and experience this awesome country, I was lacking the bravery or confidence to do it totally on my own so I’m forever in his debt for prodding me. How will I repay him? With dedicated, hard work and creative business ideas, it is exhilarating to open my eyes, my heart and my soul to all that is new, different and unique-let the Sister Party begin, hope these folks will soon fall in love with this big, southern white girl!





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